Introducing The New Oracle Deck by Medium Cher Gallagher

Ethereal Whispers

Ethereal deck pic

Ethereal Whispers Oracle Deck has arrived

Introducing Ethereal Whispers Oracle Deck by Cher Gallagher. Years in the making, Tampa Medium Cher Gallagher has officially launched her second Oracle deck Ethereal Whispers.

Essential Meaning of e·the·re·al:

Resembling Heaven : seeming to belong to another world

Ethereal Whispers is the new Deck by Medium Cher Gallagher. Cher's first deck the Spirit Oracle Deck has been used well received within the community and is now used in by  readers in 11 countries around the world.

The intention of Ethereal Whispers is to serve as a  tool to aide in spiritual alignment.  Our spirit team is always around us and these channeled messages provide powerful guidance. The deck helps you access advice and wisdom from your spirit team, including your ancestors, guides, angels and ascended masters.

The new Tarot Style deck sells for $55.00. plus $5 shipping (US Only). For international orders please contact before ordering.