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Spirit Oracle Deck

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The Spirit Oracle Deck

Created by Cheri Gallagher
Medium, Certified Intuitve Channel,Energy Healer,Reiki Master,ARCH Practitioner,Artist,and Founder of Wing and Bell.

With this very evidential deck of 54 channeled messages, you have the ability to not only connect with the beautiful & loving messages from loved ones in Spirit, but it also utilizes Capromancy, the interpretation of smoke plumes.

The smokey images on each card, can provide additional messages that emerge almost magically & intuitively in meditation.
This deck will help develop and give confidence to your mediumship skills and intuition.  Messages selected are always very touching, meaningful and healing to clients.

The Spirit Oracle Deck is a great addition to any style tarot, oracle or intuitive readings, a stand alone reading, or your daily sacred practice.

Love and blessings,Cher 

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